Autohotkey script examples

This showcase lists some scripts created by different authors which show what AutoHotkey might be capable of. For more ready-to-run scripts and functions, see Scripts and Functions Forum. NiftyWindows gives you easy control of all basic window interactions such as dragging, resizing, maximizing, minimizing and closing. Its most powerful feature is activated by dragging with the right mouse button. Visualize each window divided into a virtual 9-cell grid with three columns and rows.

The center cell is the largest one: you can grab and move a window around by clicking and holding it with the right mouse button. The other eight cells are used to resize a window in the same manner. NiftyWindows also offers snap-to-grid, "keep window aspect ratio", rolling up a window to its title bar, transparency control, and other useful shortcuts. Download, introduction and more. LiveWindows allows you to monitor the progress of downloads, file-copying, and other dialogs by displaying a small replica of each dialog and its progress bar dialogs are automatically detected, even if they're behind other windows.

The preview window stays always-on-top but uses very little screen space it can also be resized by dragging its edges. This script watches how you move the mouse whenever the right mouse button is being held down. If it sees you "draw" a recognized shape or symbol, it will launch a program or perform another custom action of your choice just like hotkeys.

If nothing is selected, the command name will be extracted from the beginning of the current line. Normally, a window can only be dragged by clicking on its title bar. This script extends that so that any point inside a window can be dragged. To activate this mode, hold down CapsLock or the middle mouse button while clicking, then drag the window to a new position.

autohotkey script examples

This script makes it much easier to move or resize a window: 1 Hold down the Alt key and LEFT-click anywhere inside a window to drag it to a new location; 2 Hold down Alt and RIGHT-click-drag anywhere inside a window to easily resize it; 3 Press Alt twice, but before releasing it the second time, left-click to minimize the window under the mouse cursor, right-click to maximize it, or middle-click to close it. When you click the middle mouse button while certain types of windows are active, this script displays a menu of your favorite folders.

Upon selecting a favorite, the script will instantly switch to that folder within the active window. The following window types are supported: 1 Standard file-open or file-save dialogs; 2 Explorer windows; 3 Console command prompt windows.

The menu can also be optionally shown for unsupported window types, in which case the chosen favorite will be opened as a new Explorer window. This script watches while you edit an AutoHotkey script. When it sees you type a command followed by a comma or space, it displays that command's parameter list to guide you.

To dismiss the parameter list, press Escape or Enter. This script converts a joystick into a three-button mouse. It allows each button to drag just like a mouse button and it uses virtually no CPU time.Over the years, I've collected a lot of AutoHotKey scripts that make things easier.

Here are some of those best and useful AutoHotKey scripts. I've said it multiple times and I will say it again, AutoHotKey is one of my favorite software. I use it daily for various things like keyboard shortcuts, key blocking, auto-correct, automation, etc. For instance, I accidentally press the CapsLock key all the time. The same is true for other keys like NumLock and ScrollLock. Simply put, AutoHotKey is a very handy software that makes your life a little bit easier. One of the best things about AutoHotKey is its community and the scripts they share.

There are a ton of AutoHotKey scripts that can do a ton of things in a variety of ways. However, finding general-purpose AutoHotKey scripts to use on a daily basis is a bit harder. This is especially true for beginners who are not yet comfortable with AutoHotKey scripting. So, to deal with that below is a list of best AutoHotKey scripts that I use quite often.

Hopefully, they will help you too. Before proceeding, I assume you've already installed AutoHotKey. If not, download and install it from the official website. To create an AutoHotKey script file, create a regular text file and then replace the ". You can then open that ". You can place multiple AutoHotKey scripts in a single file as long as there is no conflict between key combinations. On the other hand, you can also create multiple script files and run them at the same time. For example, I have separate script files for keyboard shortcuts, autocorrect, and macros.

Also, keep in mind that you can always change the key bindings to meet your preferences. If you are ever in doubt or don't know how to read the script, I recommend you take a quick look at the beginner-friendly AutoHotKey tutorial on the official website.

That page lists all the simple things you can do in an easy to understand manner. Rather than selecting the "Hidden Items" checkbox or going to the Folder Options window, you can assign a dedicated AutoHotKey keyboard shortcut to quickly show or hide hidden files. Use the code below to toggle hidden files using AutoHotKey. AutoHotkey can launch almost any application you want with a single keyboard shortcut.

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All you have to do is assign a keyboard shortcut and point it towards the application you want to launch. In the below script, replace the dummy path with the actual program path. This is because there is no exe file.Joinsubscribers and get a daily digest of news, geek trivia, and our feature articles. By submitting your email, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

AutoHotkey is a fantastic but complicated piece of software. It was initially intended to rebind custom hotkeys to different actions but is now a full Windows automation suite. You will pick up the syntax much easier if you have a programming background or are familiar with the concepts.

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Download the installer from the official website and run it. AHK scripts are text files with a. To exit, pause, reload, or edit a script, right-click the notification icon and select an appropriate option.

Scripts will continue to run in the background until you exit them. At its core, AHK does one thing—bind actions to hotkeys. There are a lot of different actions, hotkey combinations, and control structures, but all scripts will operate on the same principle. The first line defines a hotkey. The next line is an action. You can have any number of actions before the return.

They will all fire sequentially. Modifier keys all have single character shorthands. For example,! Spoiler: You can reference nearly much every key. You can even reference other non-keyboard input devices with a small extension. This is where modifiers, which let you do crazier things, come in. Any hotkey after it will only fire if the condition is true, and you can group multiple hotkeys under one directive. AHK has a lot of directives, and you can find all of them in the docs.

AutoHotkey also has hotstringswhich function like hotkeys except replacing a whole string of text. It will automatically remove the matched text to replace the hotstring, too, although this behavior can be adjusted. An action in AHK is anything that has an outside effect on the operating system.

autohotkey script examples

AHK has a lot of actions. Most of these actions will also have information-oriented commands associated with them.

Useful AutoHotkey Scripts

For example, you can write to the clipboard, but you can also get the contents of the Clipboard to store in a variable and run functions when the clipboard changes. Really, anything you could do easily in another programming language you can probably do in AHK with a bit of a headache and a look through the docs. For example, imagine you have a boring, repetitive task that requires you to click multiple buttons in a row and wait for a server to respond before doing it over again ad infinitum.

You can use AHK to automate this. Throw in a few wait statements to make it not break. The Best Tech Newsletter Anywhere. Joinsubscribers and get a daily digest of news, comics, trivia, reviews, and more.Before we begin our journey, let me give some advice. Throughout this tutorial you will see a lot of text and a lot of code.

AutoHotKey Tutorial 1 (The Basics to start writing scripts)

For optimal learning power, it is advised that you read the text and try the code. Then, study the code. You can copy and paste most examples on this page. If you get confused, try reading the section again. Since you're viewing this documentation locally, you've probably already installed AutoHotkey and can skip to section b. After downloading it, you may possibly need to install it.

But that depends on the version you want. For this guide we will use the Installer since it is easiest to set up. Once you have AutoHotkey installed, you will probably want it to do stuff.

AutoHotkey is not magic, we all wish it was, but it is not.

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So we will need to tell it what to do. This process is called "Scripting". So now that you have created a script, we need to add stuff into the file. For a list of all built-in commands, function and variables, see section 5. Here is a very basic script containing a hotkey which types text using the Send command when the hotkey is pressed:.

When you are making your code, you might have the urge to put several commands on the same line or inside of each other, don't.

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In section 5 we'll talk about why it doesn't work as you might expect and what you can do instead. What is a hotkey? A hotkey is a key that is hot to the touch. Just kidding. It is a key or key combination that the person at the keyboard presses to trigger some actions. For example:. What is a hotstring? Hotstrings are mainly used to expand abbreviations as you type them auto-replacethey can also be used to launch any scripted action. A hotkey is created by using a single pair of colons.

The key or key combo needs to go on the left of the And the content needs to go below, followed by a return.


Note: There are exceptions, but those tend to cause confusion a lot of the time. So it won't be covered in the tutorial, at least, not right now. A hotstring has a pair of colons on each side of the text you want to trigger the text replacement.

While the text to replace your typed text goes on the right of the second pair of colons.

AutoHotkey Script Showcase

Hotstrings, as mentioned above, can also launch scripted actions.The examples shown above are general-purpose loops. For more specialized needs, consider one of the following loops:. This can be used to transform a file into a different format on a line-by-line basis. It can also be used to search for lines matching your criteria. Files and folders loop : Retrieves the specified files or folders, one at a time.

This allows an operation to be performed upon each file or folder that meets your criteria. Parsing loop : Retrieves substrings from a string, one at a time. This allows a string such as "Red,Green,Blue" to be easily broken down into its three component fields. Registry loop : Retrieves the contents of the specified registry subkey, one item at a time. Search this site. Navigation Home. How to install AHK. Creating a script. This will not be read by AHK.

Each script is a plain text file containing commands to be executed by the program AutoHotkey. However, in the absence of hotkeys and hotstrings, a script will perform its commands sequentially from top to bottom the moment it is launched.

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Right-click an empty spot on your desktop or in a folder of your choice. Type a name for the file, ensuring that it ends in. For example: Test. On a new blank line, type the following: space::Run www. The :: means that the subsequent command should be executed whenever this hotkey is pressed, in this case to go to the Google web site. To try out this script, continue as follows: Save and close the file. Double-click the file to launch it. A new icon appears in the taskbar notification area.

Hold down the Windows key and press the spacebar. A web page opens in the default browser. To exit or edit the script, right-click the green "H" icon in the taskbar notification area. Notes: Multiple scripts can be running simultaneously, each with its own icon in the taskbar notification area. Run www.

autohotkey script examples

The above examples are known as single-line hotkeys because each consists of only one command. Note: The names of commands and variables are not case sensitive. MsgBox The user has finished Notepad has been closed.

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Activate the window of interest either by clicking its title bar, alt-tabbing, or other means Window Spy will stay "always on top" by design. Move the mouse cursor to the desired position in the target window and write down the mouse coordinates displayed by Window Spy or on Windows XP and earlier, press Shift-Alt-Tab to activate Window Spy so that the "frozen" coordinates can be copied and pasted.

Run Notepad. WinWait Untitled - Notepad. If such a window is found, it is activated. Otherwise, Notepad is launched and the script waits for the Untitled window to appear, at which time it is activated.Taking shortcuts is awesome — there's something about doing a task in a speedy way that gives you a sense of fulfillment. Once you've mastered the huge list of Windows keyboard shortcuts and have every Windows 10 gesture down flat, you might be hungry for more ways to use shortcuts.

AutoHotkey AHK is the answer to all of your customization needs. This one little program can take care of remapping keys, creating new shortcuts, and running macros to automate repetitive tasks. Let's take a look at some awesome scripts you can download and start using right now, then get some AHK basics down so you can make your own scripts where these don't suffice!

AutoHotkey is a powerful free and open source Microsoft Windows tool that can automate repetitive tasks. Learn how to use it here. Before you can test out some scripts or make your own, you'll need to get AutoHotkey installed.

Visit the main page for AHKclick Download on the right side, and choose Installer to grab the easiest version to install. Run through the quick install dialogue, and you have AutoHotkey running and ready to go! Now, the program you just installed handles the execution of the scripts you write in AutoHotkey's language, but you don't have any scripts running, yet!

Name it something useful and make sure the file ends in. If you're going to be writing some scripts for AutoHotkey, it's a good idea to upgrade your text editor from the bland Notepad. Note that you can open your text editor, type some code, and simply save it as a file ending in.

Now that you have the software to run the scripts, you can download the code that others have written to automate all sorts of tasks. To save a script, simply download it as an. You'll probably want some of these scripts to run as soon as you boot your computer so you don't have to remember to start them manually every time. To do that, copy and paste the. This will ensure they're running as soon as you start, so you don't try to use the key combinations and get nothing! AutoCorrect is a staple of smartphone keyboardsbut it hasn't really made its way to desktop yet since you have more precise typing on the latter.

However, you're still bound to make mistakes when typing whether by slip of the fingers or just not knowing the spelling of a wordso AutoCorrect should be one of the first scripts you get on your computer. This is an old script, but typos don't go out of style. It contains tons of common misspellings and when you commit one, it instantly replaces it with the correct version.

It even allows you to edit your own words in, which we'll discuss later. Download : AutoCorrect Script. You probably only use the number pad for numbers, don't ever hit Caps Lock except by accidentand might not even know what Scroll Lock does. You can make Windows play a tone when you hit these keysbut to go further, try setting them to a default value with this script:.

This assumes you want Num Lock always on; if you prefer it off, just change that line or remove it completely and only deal with Caps and Scroll Lock. Once you've used the above code to disable Caps Lock, it makes sense to give that key another purpose.


Using this short script will turn Caps Lock into another Shift key, but you can change it to anything you'd like perhaps another Windows key, if your keyboard only has one of those :. We've shown you how to view hidden folders in Windowsbecause many people want them showing all the time.

If you only need access to hidden folders once in a while and don't want them cluttering up your work normally, however, this is the script for you.Suppose you want a hotkey that launches a browser, but if it is already running, just switch to it. See: Microsoft Keyboard Menu Key. Many keyboards have special buttons to control sound level, but they are a pain to use.

Because, the button change volume by a tiny amount. You have to press it 5 or 10 times. If you hold it, for a second nothing happens, then all of a sudden it became too loud. If you have a multimedia keyboard with special keys such as Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboardand want increase sound volume by one of its special button, here's what you can do.

Then, use IntelliType to assign the keyboard's special button to launch the script. Windows has many different keyboard shortcuts to close the window.

See: Windows Keyboard Shortcuts All these can be thought of close the current visible box. You can define a easy key, so that it'll close the current browser tab, or window, or application. The code checks what application is the current window, by the IfWinActive lines. You have many personal hotkeys. In some situations, you want these hotkeys to be off temporarily. You can create a hotkeyX, so that it'll disable all your hotkeys, and press hotkeyX again to turn all your hotkeys back on.

Here's a example:. By Xah Lee. Date: Last updated:

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