Homeopathy for mycoplasma

Call Dr. Vikas Sharma MD 14 Comments 0 Infections caused by the presence of a virus in the body are known as viral infections. One or more viruses cause these infections, and they are common in clinical practice. Although these infections can affect anyone, children and aged people are more susceptible due to weaker immune systems.

Homeopathic treatment for viral infections helps resolve the condition by naturally strengthening the immune system, thereby enabling the body to fight infection. Some viral infections are self-limiting while others can lead to severe complications. These infections produce debilitating symptoms and affect the day-to-day life of the infected person.

The symptoms vary depending on the organs or systems affected by the virus. The most prominent symptoms include high fever and severe body pain with marked weakness. In addition to this, specific symptoms also occur. Viral infections are highly contagious and get transferred very quickly by direct or indirect contact. Viral infections of the skin like herpes and chickenpox spread by direct or indirect contact through infectious discharge.

This discharge oozes from skin eruptions that are a common symptom of these diseases.

homeopathy for mycoplasma

Viral infections of the respiratory system spread through exposure to nasal or respiratory discharges. Discharge is spread while coughing or sneezing, or by direct contact with items like contaminated handkerchief or utensils. Viral infections can lead to gastroenteritis or hepatitis.

Here the spread occurs by ingestion of contaminated food or water. Few viral infections spread by the bite of insects like mosquitoes or ticks. They include hemorrhagic fevers e. They spread by unprotected intercourse with infected partners. The spread can also occur via blood transfusion. The symptoms of a viral infection depend on the nature of the virus, age and health status of the patient, and the organ affected.

However, there are general symptoms present in all viral infections.This year I have received many reports of pneumonia.

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Pneumonia can be viral or bacterial, and typically the sufferer has a cough that may produce rust-colored sputum, pain in the chest, fever, weakness, chills, and even nausea and vomiting. However, mild forms may just have a lingering cough. Conventional treatments involve antibiotics, but for more than years, homeopathy has successfully cured cases of pneumonia quickly and completely.

In the early part of the last century, homeopaths experienced much greater success treating pneumonia than their allopathic counterparts and saw far greater rates of improvement in their cases.

The death rate under the homeopathic simillimum should at no time exceed 5 percent; a higher rate would rather reflect on our ability.

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When Monica had pneumonia, she had just gotten over the flu, and her fever was gone but a cough remained. But then she noticed that her chest felt as if it had been stuffed with cotton.

The relentless weakness alarmed her family most. After a week of repeated dosing, Monica was nearly herself again. For a gagging cough, then perhaps Ipecac can be employed as well, every three hours.

Many other remedies fit specific forms of pneumonia, but as we learned from our homeopath friends of yesteryear, the real issue of whether homeopathy will heal the pneumonia lies in the ability of the prescriber. The right remedy must be employed, and when it is, healing is swift and complete. Contact our office to purchase your own remedy kit Have the remedies available when you need them, avoid waiting for the mail. I am a homeopath with a worldwide practice working with families and individuals via Zoom.

I'm also a teacher and most importantly, a mom who raised my now-adult children depending on homeopathy over the last 31 years. I lived decades of my life with food intolerances, allergies, and chemical sensitivities until I was cured with homeopathy, so I understand pain, anxiety, and suffering. My opinion is that nothing has come close to the reproducible, safe and effective results that my clients, students and I have achieved with homeopathy. Joette is not a physician and the relationship between Joette and her clients is not of prescriber and patient, but as educator and client.

It is fully the client's choice whether or not to take advantage of the information Joette presents. Homeopathy doesn't "treat" an illness; it addresses the entire person as a matter of wholeness that is an educational process, not a medical one.

Joette believes that the advice and diagnosis of a physician is often in order. We've provided links for your convenience but we do not receive any remuneration nor affiliation in payment from your purchase.

The Author disclaims all liability for any loss or risk, personal or otherwise incurred as a consequence of use of any material in this article. This information is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

I wish I had known homeopathy back when I got pneumonia. I ended up on antibiotics and got better. But I still have a weakened respiratory system that I attribute to that pneumonia episode and previous flu and bronchitis episodes as well. It was amazing! I LOVE homeopathy! This is so timely, Joette! We are all fighting the flu over here. Any recommendations for wheezing and sore throat as accompanying symptoms?

Natural Remedies for Mycoplasma, a Bacterial Infection

Thanks, Rae. That is a link to a blog I wrote while I was in India last year. Henry Williams — she was diagnosed with walking pneumonia. He gave her Phosphorous and she was better in no time at all. I have many reasons to believe in Homeopathy. This is just one big one — because as a mom, all I cared about was my kids.Ureaplasma is a group of smallest bacteria that inhabit genitourinary and respiratory tract. They are commonly present in female vagina or cervix and also in the urinary tract of males.

Mostly these tiny bacteria do not cause any problem, but when the genital flora becomes unbalanced, a flare-up of ureaplasma occurs leading to infection. It has been found that ureaplasma infection is associated with various medical issues such as pregnancy complications and bacterial vaginosis.

Ureaplasma infection is not STI. The bacteria enter the body through urethra or vagina and colonizes the genital tract. It can also be passed from infected person to others through infected saliva, blood transfusion, needles and to breastfeeding babies from their mothers.

An individual with a weak immune system such as a patient who has an organ transplant or HIV-positive is more at the risk of developing it.

In most of the cases, patients with ureaplasma infection do not experience any symptom. If some patient symptoms appear they are similar to other STI infections or urethritis. Ureaplasma infection treatment. It is essential to treat ureaplasma because if left untreated it may lead to infertility, stillbirth, and chorioamnionitis. Also, it increases the risk of meningitis and bronchopulmonary dysplasia. Your doctor may suggest you a simple antibiotic course. Antibiotics kill bacteria by breaking the cell wall.

homeopathy for mycoplasma

Ureaplasma does not have cell wall like other bacteria, so traditional antibiotics are ineffective and are not considered the best treatment for ureaplasma. This is why we recommend you to try simple natural treatment for ureaplasma that will not only address the disease but will also prevent the reoccurrence.

Garlic is anti-bacterial. It contains ampicillin that also prevents the reoccurrence of the infection. Note:- Also add garlic to your cooking or consume it raw if you do not have any issue with its taste. The acidic nature of apple cider vinegar balances the pH level of the genitourinary tract and makes the environment unfavorable for the ureaplasma to thrive.

homeopathy for mycoplasma

It is one of the best home remedies to treat ureaplasma infection. Yogurt is rich in probiotics. Probiotics are healthy bacteria that combat the harmful bacteria and also restores the healthy flora of the genitourinary system.

It also cures your body of ureaplasma infection. Note:- Add coconut oil to your daily meal to fasten healing and boost immunity. One of the best home remedies to treat ureaplasma infection is fenugreek seeds.

They boost body immunity and also improve the vaginal pH.

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Tea tree oil is an excellent natural ureaplasma treatment. It is antibacterial. It is a very potent oil so never use it without diluting, or your skin may burn. The antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of Indian Lilac make it a potent home remedy for ureaplasma. Besides the above home remedies to stay healthy and prevent ureaplasma infection in future you need to take following precautions:.Are you sneezing, wheezing, coughing, and running a high fever?

Then, there is a high chance that you have acquired pneumonia. This infection is not only contagious but can also have life-threatening consequences. And if you have children or older people at home, you need to be all the more careful. But fear not. We have listed some wonderful home remedies in this article that will help you treat pneumonia in the early stages.

Read on to know more. Pneumonia is a microbial infection that can affect one or both of your lungs. This infectious condition has the potential to make you very sick by causing inflammation of your lungs, which get filled with fluid or phlegm.

Individuals affected by a cold or flu are more likely to develop pneumonia owing to the weakened state of their lungs.

Pneumonia is classified into different types based on what germs caused it, where it was acquired and how. Let us take a look at the same below.

Back To TOC. Pneumonia is often caused by microbes such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi. If you happen to inhale in these microbes via air, food, or water, there is a high likelihood that you will develop pneumonia. And if you are already fighting the flu, cold or any other medical conditions like asthma or diabetes, your chances of contracting pneumonia are a lot higher.

Pneumonia can prove to be lethal, especially for the younger and older lot. Hence, it is necessary to treat it as soon as you notice its onset.

Listed below are some of the best home remedies you can use to treat pneumonia in its initial stages. Apple cider vinegar exhibits anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties that can help combat the bacteria and viruses causing pneumonia 12.

Garlic is one of the best natural treatments for pneumonia. It contains a compound called allicin that exhibits antibacterial and antifungal properties that help fight the infection 34. It also acts as an expectorant and clears the phlegm from your lungs and throat.

A deficiency in vitamin C can increase your chances of being affected by pneumonia 5. Vitamin C ascorbic acid is known for its antioxidant properties, and it also enhances the antibacterial properties of other substances 67.

These properties make it helpful in dealing with pneumonia and its symptoms. You can increase your intake of vitamin C either via your daily diet or supplements.

Homeopathy for Women

Foods such as citrus fruits, nuts, and leafy vegetables are rich sources of vitamin C. However, if you are planning to take additional supplements of vitamin C, it is recommended that you consult your doctor before doing so. Peppermint oil exhibits antimicrobial and analgesic properties, which can help combat pneumonia 8.

It is also a natural expectorant and can help in relieving congestion that often accompanies the infection. Eucalyptus oil is derived from the leaves of the eucalyptus tree and is widely used for its medicinal properties. It has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antibacterial, and decongestant properties, all of which can be helpful in the treatment of pneumonia 9 Turmeric contains curcumin, a compound that exhibits anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, which can be effective against the bacteria causing pneumonia 11 It also acts as a mucolytic, which means it helps to expel mucus and catarrh from the bronchial ducts, thus easing breathing.

Ginger is another herb that can help treat pneumonia naturally.Important Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only, and those views are not necessarily those of ABC Homeopathy.

It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis or prescription, and should not be used as a substitute for a consultation with a qualified homeopath or physician. It is possible that advice given here may be dangerous, and you should make your own checks that it is safe.

If symptoms persist, seek professional medical attention. Bear in mind that even minor symptoms can be a sign of a more serious underlying condition, and a timely diagnosis by your doctor could save your life. ABC Homeopathy Forum. I have had it for over 5 years. Because I have had this for over 5 years and I have been unlucky getting this diagnosed the bacterium is deep now. Any advice would be appreciated.

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Please take three doses of Sepia as follows and see how that affects in next 15 days only 3 doses in 15 days. Don't touch pills with hand. Use cap of bottle to take pills. If the medicine is in liquid dilution form, 2 drops in some 20 ml water.

Sip up slowly. Please stop allopathic medicines. Dear Kadwa, Thank youf or your reply. It is appreiated. Will Sepia c be fine? Sepia means Sepia c. Hello, did sepia helped? I also have ureaplasma. Thank you, Ingrid.Rubor, calor, tumor, dolor and functio lasesa: These are the old medical terms for the five classic signs of inflammation, to wit redness, heat, swelling, pain and loss of function. Inflammatory responses are initiated in order to rid the body of offending destructive stimuli such as pathogens like bacteria, viruses and parasites or chemical irritants, as well as repair the damage.

As such they are a vital protective response of a healthy organism.


Inflammation is typically mediated through the vascular tissue of the body as blood flow increases and blood vessels become more permeable so that fluids, proteins and white blood cells can be delivered to the area of injury.

As part of the response, there is an attempt to localize the insult and seal off the rest of the body from the pathogen, irritant or toxic agent. Generally, inflammation, like diseases in general, is categorized as acute or chronic. The classic five signs are indicators of the former while the latter tends to display more diffuse and generalized symptoms. Acute inflammation is self-limiting, meaning that resolves relatively quickly.

Either the body overcomes the insult via an inflammatory response or else it succumbs to it. Chronic inflammation, on the other hand, does not resolve in a timely fashion but continues over months, years or even decades. It can be the result of an incomplete resolution of an acute situation, or else develop more insidiously over time without an initial strong inflammatory event.

Either way, slowly and inexorably, it compromises healthy physiological processes and the well being of the organism, contributing to or causing its demise. The greatest medical challenges modern society faces today are in fact chronic inflammatory diseases.

Diseases that have flourished more recently such as Lymes and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome are also included in this group. The success of conventional pharmaceutical medicine is to a great extent due to drugs like antibiotics and steroids, both of which have proven to be powerful agents against acute inflammation. But they also have strong side effects and are generally not suitable for long-term use in chronic inflammatory diseases. More importantly, while they address inflammatory responses, these drugs generally do not resolve the underlying causes that initiate the inflammation.

Likewise, other pharmaceutical agents such as aspirin, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, immunosuppressive drugs such as methotrexate provide non-curative, symptomatic relief as well as a host of unwanted symptoms. There are a host of non-pharmaceutical substances — botanical medicines, nutritional supplements, and homeopathic remedies — that can provide potent anti-inflammatory treatment.

One of the most common and effective is Omega 3 fatty acids. Derived from marine as well as some plant sources, these poly-unsaturated fats decrease the production of pro-inflammatory molecules known as eicosanoids and cytokines. Current research and clinical data have shown that Vitamin D is also a very strong anti-inflammatory. It has been shown that it activates a gene that interferes with inflammatory responses by binding directly to DNA.

Because the importance of this vitamin and effective blood levels has only recently been recognized as well as publicity to avoid direct sunlight, most people tend to be deficient — often alarmingly so. A simple blood test and inexpensive supplementation can easily rectify this. Another traditional anti-inflammatory is curcumin, the active ingredient of the most common Indian spice and ayurvedic herb tumeric.

For thousands of years this member of the ginger family has been taken internally and applied topically for wide variety of conditions. Homeopathy provides perhaps the most sophisticated and specific form of anti-inflammatory treatment. The homeopathic armamentarium provides a large number of remedies each with its own specific indications, action and affinity for particular body tissues.

Medicines such as the nightshade Belladonna, Apis mellifica derived from the honeybee and Arnica Montana, a member of the sunflower family, are all widely used for various inflammatory conditions. While all these are valuable allies against unwanted inflammation, there is also a need to identify and remove the underlying causes for chronic inflammatory responses.

Most disease on some level or another involves an inflammatory process. For some conditions, a general strategy of avoiding commonly recognized inflammatory agents, introducing anti-inflammatory substances and enhancing the general vitality of the body is sufficient to affect a cure. But there are other conditions, often more longstanding and more entrenched, for which effective treatment entails recognizing and addressing the underlying causes of the inflammation with greater specificity.

A very good — and common — example is cardiovascular disease.Mycoplasma Series Symptom Relief : A homeopathic remedy helps to reduce symptoms related to a Mycoplasma infection.

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For temporary relief of symptoms related to Mycoplasma infection including headache, muscle and joint pain and soreness, nausea, lymph node pain, cognitive problems, depression, and breathing problems.

Mycoplasmas represent the smallest known free-living forms. They are classified as a prokaryote, a cellular organism that lacks a nucleus and nuclear membrane. Their nuclear material consists of a single double-stranded DNA molecule. Mycoplasmas appear to cause infection primarily as extracellular parasites. The guiding principles of our company are based on assisting in the health and happiness of all beings and having great respect for the planet.

Learn More Mycoplasma Pneumoniae X. Get subscriber-only savings, fantastic offers, and healthy news! About Natural Healing House The guiding principles of our company are based on assisting in the health and happiness of all beings and having great respect for the planet. Like Us! Follow Us! Email Us! Read Us!

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Call: Mon-Fri 9am-6pm. Mycoplasma Series Symptom Relief. Product Code: DES Protective Face Mask.

homeopathy for mycoplasma

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