Select pax pod temperature

Pax Era Pods are cannabis oil-filled pods explicitly designed for use with the Pax Era vaporizer. These pods come in a range of different types of oils and are perfect for on-the-go consumption in a sleek and discreet manner. Welcome to a new Era. So you can buy pax pods online,order pax era pods online,cbd pax era pods,pax era thc pods and juul pods,mango juul pods,mint juul pods.

They hold CBD, Hybrid, Indica or Sativa oil a marijuana-infused e-juiceand they are made from food-grade polycarbonates to ensure consumer safety. They are available in several strengths, strains, and flavors depending on the desired effect.

The featherlight, button-free, pocket-friendly design is a top choice amongst medical and recreational cannabis users who enjoy the clean, pure high of oil concentrates.

select pax pod temperature

What sets the PAX Era apart from other vapes is that the company partners with growers and concentrate manufacturers to create unique mg pods designed exclusively for the Era vape.

The slim design allows for discreet consumption and the easy to use pod system makes it easy to change out your strain or an empty cartridge. The PAX company makes the system and the empty pods, and then sends them to licensed partners for filling with your favorite cannabis extract blend. PAX Era pods are the new generation cannabis experience — beyond flower, they allow for precise control of your experience, and when combined with the revolutionary app, allow you to be in full control. You can also buy Pax Era pods from online stores such as this site.

What Are Pax Era Pods?When it comes to the PAX Eraease of use is the name of the game. Pre-filled pods skip the prep and mess which may be associated with other cannabis concentrate consumption methods.

Coupled with top-of-the-line features and a wide range of available strains, the PAX Era has become a fan favorite among medical and social consumers. How does the PAX Era and its companion pods work? The PAX Era is a compact, portable vaporizer which utilizes pre-filled pods to deliver cannabis to the consumer. The unit is constructed from a slate-covered, bead-blasted anodized aluminum.

It includes a mAh battery that can charge fully from dead in about 45 minutes. The sleek exterior of the device has no buttons or controls; the LED indicator on the front communicates device status. You control your PAX Era by shaking or tapping it to perform functions such as to change the temperature setting or to view remaining battery life. It also offers an instantaneous heat-up time when you draw on the mouthpiece.

Through the PAX mobile app, you can set your temperature to the precise degree across the full temperature range. There are currently more than different types of cannabis oil available in PAX Era pods.

To find an authorized PAX retailer near you, use this handy store locator tool! Inside each pod there are two 2mm silica wicks, designed to capture every bit of concentrate so no material is wasted. The heating element and dual-wick system are contained within a leak-resistant and clog-resistant housing, which is capped off with an attached mouthpiece.

Bloom Farms Pax Era Pods REVIEW – Daytime Sativa Pax Era Cartridge

When inserted into the battery, simply inhale on the mouthpiece to power the heating element, instantly vaporizing your cannabis oil without pressing any buttons. When the PAX Era detects a pod inserted into the device, the LED indicator will light up with a downward sweeping motion so you know the pod is properly inserted.

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Similarly, when a pod is removed, the LED light will sweep upward. The LED indicator will light up to indicate the current temperature and begin cycling through the other settings accessible without the PAX mobile app.

When it displays the temperature setting you would like to select, reinsert the pod. The PAX Era is a durable, yet lightweight vaping companion that is highly portable and discreet.

How to find the best temperature for your high-tech weed vape

This feature preserves the flavor of material in the pod.The PAX Era is designed for easy loading and discreet usage of cannabis oil. The device offers an effortless way to vape oil while carefully controlling the temperature, flavor, and potency. PAX Era pods are available in more than strains from more than 50 extract partners. They can be found at retailers in legal cannabis states throughout the U.

Pod systems are widely sought after because they make vaporizing concentrate materials a clean and easy process. Like other types of vaporizers, the PAX Era includes a series of temperature settings that can be used to customize your experience.

How exactly does temperature influence your vaping sessions? You can easily cycle through the settings by entering Temp Set mode, which you can access by lightly shaking the device and removing the pod. Temperature profoundly impacts your cannabis vaporization experience. What do these temperature settings do for your session?

Why would a warmer setting be more desirable than a lower one, or vice versa?

select pax pod temperature

Temperature governs each of these elements of your overall session, making it a critical aspect of vaping.

Once connected, you will be able to adjust the temperature on your device down to the precise degree. This opens up even more options for experimenting with temperature settings and determining exactly which temperature makes for the ideal session.

PAX Mobile does more than expand the available temperature settings on your device, though. It also comes with a Session Control feature that allows you to set your preferred length of session. Choose from four pre-set session types, including micro, small, medium, and large. Each setting allows for longer or shorter sessions, as well as custom control over vapor production and flavor output.

Session Control fine-tunes all the elements of a session that are influenced by your temperature setting. Experiment with each Session Control setting to discover your optimal vape experience. There is no right or wrong temperature at which to use your PAX Era. Any setting in the available temperature setting will get the job done.

Understanding your own preferences is key to choosing the best temperature for your PAX Era. This setting is represented by a fully-lit LED indicator. How does temperature influence your sessions? Vapor production: Generally, the higher the temperature, the more vapor your device will produce.

When you select the highest temperature setting, you can expect a single puff to generate more vapor.

Conversely, lower temperature settings will help you control the size of those conspicuous clouds. Flavor: Altering the temperature setting could change the flavor of your vapor. When vaporizing cannabis oil, try different temperatures to see how it influences your vape experience. The ideal temperature setting depends on your preference There is no right or wrong temperature at which to use your PAX Era.

Welcome to PAX.

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Select your country Select. I confirm that I am of legal age to view this site's content.You'll need the serial number to register or request warranty service.

To locate your Era Pro's serial, remove the pod and look into the device. You'll find the serial printed along the top of the pod area in white. It's easy to tell Era and Era Pro apart. The easiest way is to check the bottom. Addtionally, the serial number on the Era Pro is located on the inside and top of the device.

The original Era's serial number is on the outside bottom of the device. Do steps 1 and 2 repeatedly to continue cycling through the temperature settings. When you see your desired setting, click the pod back into place. Your device can be quickly recharged to get you back up and ready for your next use.

When charging, the petals will pulse to indicate the level of charge the device currently has. Your current battery level will be represented by the number of petals that light up. When your device is at a low battery level, the top left petal will blink red repeatedly. It will do this both when you check the battery level by shaking the device, and also after a draw. When your device is at a critically low battery level, the top left petal will light up red for an extended period of time.

Please Note: Portable electronics containing Lithium Ion batteries present rare, but potentially serious safety hazards, especially under hot or cold conditions. PodID offers much-needed transparency, providing you detailed information about what makes up your oil concentrates.

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So you can be informed. So you can have clarity. And, ultimately, so you can consume with confidence.

Read our full statement here. Use PodExplore to manually select your pod and view suggested temperatures along with PodID test results. Our Pod packaging is primarily constructed of recyclable paper with a layer of plastic lamination that ensures our packaging is Child Resistant.

If you are in a region with a recycling program that can separate these two materials as part of their recycling process, then the package can be recycled.

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We are exploring future packaging solutions that provide Child Resistance without the need for plastic lamination. For more information on our packaging, click here. Yes, it is certified child-resistant carton, evaluated and tested to be in compliance with CFR Title 16, Part The Era pod utilizes a single 2mm silica wick, but unlike other cartridges which only use single ended wicks causing them to dry out quickly, both ends of the Era pod wick are submerged, allowing for improved wick saturation and performance across a full range of oil viscosities.

The Pod tank in contact with the oil is designed using all food grade plastics. Other Era pod components include gold plated brass, the nichrome heater and cotton batting to absorb condensation. Now shake your Era Pro continuously for seconds. The LED petals will illuminate blue indicating it's in pairing mode. PAX Mobile App will take care of the rest.

Follow the prompts on the screen to finish pairing. Dose Control limits ingestion; allowing users to better understand their tolerances and manage consumption. It does not recommend or ensure ingestion of specific quantities. This can be used to prevent children from using the device.This post is part of our High-tech High serieswhich explores weed innovations, and our cultural relationship with cannabis, as legalization in several U.

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Cannabis users have always been fine-tuning their experience. Rolling a joint tighter or grinding bud finer will result in a different high, so it's no surprise that users want that option when it comes to vaping.

So what's the best temperature to vape at? That depends on what you want out of your high. Thanks to the rise of sate-level legalization in the U. Whether you're vaping oil or flower, the high tech gadgets being produced today allow users to curate their own experience, offering up a high they can learn to expect.

In recent years, vaping cannabis oil has exploded, and it's helped introduce many to the world of legal pot. While smoking weed or downing an edible can offer an intense adventure, vaping oil can give users a more mellow and manageable experience.

Additionally, it's less smelly, there's no smoke, and it's an overall cleaner ordeal. There's a lot of that plant matter that doesn't impact your high whatsoever — your experience whatsoever.

When you purchase vape oil from a legal store, it usually comes with a standard fitting. Users can then purchase a battery relatively cheaply, which can be reused and recharged. While some batteries allow users to select between a few set temperature settings, companies like Pax allow people to set the temperature they'd like down to the degree. But there's a catch — you can't just go buy any type of oil you want because it does not use the industry standard threaded batteries.

Instead, the Era uses its own pods which are sourced from cannabis manufacturers they trust. Sure, while this may be a little inconvenient and limit the variety of oils you can buy, this model and others like it feel like a little bit more of a high-end experience. The Era is app-connected, which allows you to unlock a number of features, including temperature control from your smartphone.

The vape can be set as low as degrees Fahrenheit, and as high as To set a temperature that's right for you, it all depends on what you want out of the vape.

Pax Era Cannabis Vape Review

While some cannabinoids — compounds found in cannabis that can provide the consumer with different effects — can withstand a higher temperature, terpenes, the essential oils of the plant which give it its taste and smell, cannot. So, vaping at a lower temperature will give a more perfume-like flavor, while a higher temperature will produce more vapor and will be a more intense high. Activating these compounds is essentially what provides the user with an experience, one that is getting increasingly easier to manage thanks to technology.

If you're experimenting with different vape temperatures, the best thing to do is start low and try to be as mindful of your experience as possible.

Take notes! Starting at a low temperature and waiting a decent amount of time between hits will allow you to take in how your body and mind are altered. Remember that the effects of cannabis are cumulative, so this may take a few different days or even weeks before you find the perfect temperature for each situation.

If you don't have an Era and can't control the dose of your session, try to be aware of how hard and how long your pulling. For the most accurate results, remember to charge your vape battery often.

While we can use things like vape temperature to help manage our highs, there are still so many factors involved in proving the same, repeatable experience which is essential to the mainstream acceptance of cannabis. How intense did you inhale and how long did you keep it in your lungs before exhaling?

What was the THC percentage in the oil you purchased? Temperature is only one factor in the very confusing and often overwhelming world of cannabis. A shot of whiskey is a shot of whiskey every single time. A hit of a joint or a puff off a vape can vary extensively. Companies like Pax are allowing users to set their own preference through apps that fine tune temperatures and dosages.PAX Labs Inc.

We believe design, precision and quality are important in creating the best vapor experiences. At this time, empty pods are only sold to fillers in select states.

PAX Era pods are meant to be disposed of once empty. Attempting to refill Era pods will cause leaking and may cause damage to your device not covered under the 1 Year Ltd Warranty. Unlike other concentrate devices that always apply the same power regardless of the coil temperature, Era features PAX proprietary algorithm-controlled heating. Temperature control is the ideal way to deliver consistent performance and flavor for a wide variety of material.

Era will heat using 8W until the heater reaches your selected target temperature, at that point variable wattage is in play depending on the current temperature of the nichrome heater.

select pax pod temperature

Throughout each session, the wattage applied to the heater is automatically adjusted and regulated to ensure just the right power at all times. PAX Era pods were designed to hold up to. Actual volume may vary by concentrate and location. The lifetime of a pod is dependent on a few factors including the temperature setting, type and viscosity of concentrate.

For more information about Era pods, visit an Era retailer. The Era pod utilizes a single 2mm silica wick, but unlike other cartridges which only use single ended wicks causing them to dry out quickly, both ends of the Era pod wick are submerged, allowing for improved wick saturation and performance across a full range of oil viscosities.

The Pod tank in contact with the oil is designed using all food grade plastics. Other Era pod components include gold plated brass, the nichrome heater and cotton batting to absorb condensation. The Era device features a mAh Lithium-ion rechargeable battery. Devices may require charging out of the box before using for the first time. Overall battery life is impacted by a variety of factors including temperature setting and length of individual sessions.

We estimate the battery life from a full charge to last up to puffs.Share your location to get the most relevant content and products around you. Leafly keeps personal information safe, secure, and anonymous.

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Selected for its unique fruit forward nose with the cerebral elevation you would expect from a world-class sativa, coupled with an uplifting clear-headed feeling that stays with you through the day.

Great for keeping it lively or grinding away on a long work day. Perfect for ending a long day or relaxing on a weekend getaway.

Perfect for managing pain without keeping your head in a fog. Great for activating the creative and keeping it mellow without locking you out on the couch. Notes of Grapefruit, citrus, and earth. Notes of Sweet citrus with earthy overtones The PAX Era is a lightweight, pocket-sized device providing consumers with a discreet, on- demand vaping experience. The device can be controlled through the PAX Vapor App, allowing easy access to features such as specific temperature controls and device lockout mode.

I've tried lots of pax pods in the past and they disappointed, but Legion of Bloom impressed the hell out of me from the first pull!!! I diggin my Pax Era vape!!! I realized at the amazingly low price that it's a "give them the razors, then sell them the blades! It's made very well, it is sleek, sexy, and discreet. It's convenient with nothing to clean or maintain and even has built-in games you can actually play with this fun small easy to charge, device.

It works perfectly, battery and pods last a long time, and I love the app and the ability to measure my sessions so I stay in control of my dose.

I don't have a single complaint and highly recommend it to all my over 2, Hawaiian Patients. Now get an account in Hawaii or tell me how to please? I'd love to be involved with licensing the pods. I love my Pax Era! It's well made, it is sleek and discreet. It's convenient with nothing to clean or maintain.

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